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Random thoughts and things I forgot to post from my trip…

Due to the internet issues and lack of bandwidth or simply forgot to add something, the following videos and pictures did not make the upload cut, until now. Scuba After the day I climbed the mountain I was covered in … Continue reading

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I had over 225 hits on my blog one day, but only limited comments – If you get a chance, please leave me a short comment with your feed back.

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The Trip Home

I was up at 6:00 A.M to finish any last-minute packing and to confirm everything was charged up for the trip home. Then I cleaned up quickly with my two-in-one shower/toilet combo.  Alice if we redo our bathroom I was … Continue reading

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Last Night In Vietnam

 After returning to Hanoi from a 13.5 hour round tour of Halong Bay, I set out to find dinner in the Old Quarter.  Not thinking, I left without a map, even though I couldn’t read the @*&)*&% thing in the … Continue reading

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Halong Bay

Breaking all my rules, guidelines and or suggestions —  Last night I signed up for a tour to Holong Bay.  Yes, a tour with a group, you know the deal – Big bus and lots of people being corralled all day, on … Continue reading

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Dinner in Hanoi

  Based on a recommendation from someone I met today, I traversed the streets of the Old Quarter into another area cursing the fact that I can no longer read a map at night without glasses – This is new … Continue reading

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Going to work in the rain…

Getting to work in the rain in Hanoi Vietnam –  Can you imagine any of our wives, or us going to work like this?  Check out the heals! Can you guess which one I think is Alison H. ?

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