Into Mexican with the best intentions and schedules…

Mexico customs and immigrations simply sucked no other single word can describe it – Sorry mom.

We landed about 15 minutes late giving us 45 minutes to catch our 2:00 ferry.
Unfortunately 3 other flights landed just ahead of us.  I pulled out all the stops trying to deal with the Mexican authorities, just short of getting thrown out – Not going into more in a public blog, but anyone who knows me can imagine and/or be embarrassed.

Long-blog-short we were on the 4:00 ferry and not the 2:00 one.  Not sure what was harder: The lines at immigration for me or the 45-minute Ferry ride for Jake with the boat rocking back in forth…

My 15-dollar a day rental car in Mexico idea did not turn out so good – We did end up with a Dodge ATOS?  About 18 seconds after getting the lecture on returning the car in exactly the same condition as we got it, a full Diet Coke bottle exploded in the car – YES EXPLODED – and we are off… it’s almost 6:00 (our schedule had us finishing our exploration of the Tulum Ruins now – you know the ones that that close at 6:00!!! 

After finally getting on the highway we had to stop and get gas, our little ATOS was on “E” (I always thought they filled up the cars before your rented them, or is that just an American thing).  Next we hit the “Auto-Mac” you know – Mexican for McDonalds drive through…  Its almost 6:00 and an hour drive to the Tulum Ruins and the only chance we had of seeing the Ruins was a tip I random guy from the rental car place gave us about a back way in…  the same guy that gave us directions, well actually wrong directions from the rental car place that included several one way streets in the wrong direction.

It’s now 7:00PM the sun is setting fast and we are parked on this little back road near the beach with police guarding the back entrance to the Tulum site.  We had just checked out the main entrance and found no way in – the site was closed — We could call it a night or hike through the woods around the police, climb a 8 foot fence, slip over some barbwire, scale a historic wall in

?? Photoshop ??

circling the Tulum ruins and have the whole place to ourselves.  This might include climbing to the top of the tallest Tulum building/ruin as the sunset and the waves crashed on the shore. Is this the definition of Dilemma or Adventure?  Lets not leave out the need to reverse the whole thing in the dark with lots of low flying bats all around.

After all that thinking and deliberation… we drove into the town of Tulum, found a 30–dollar a night hotel just of the main street.  Then hit a flea market with a woman selling sugarcane drinks out of the back of a converted Volkswagen bug and sampling fresh churros. Good ending to a long day.

About JSH

There are more than 195 countries in the world by my count and I want to see them all before they all start to look the same – The United Nations has 192 members, but they do not recognized two independent countries, the Vatican City and Kosovo. U.S. Department of State recognizes 194 independent countries around the world, but their list has a political agenda and is missing Taiwan. All of this is without getting into the dozens of territories and colonies that are sometimes called “countries” such as Puerto Rico, Bermuda, Greenland, Palestine, Western Sahara, and even the components of the United Kingdom (such as Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and England) and without counting states and provinces like Texas and Montréal that think they are independent countries. No madder how you count or tag them they are changing, starting to look the same and losing a little bit of themself every day. I do not want to see the world through the eyes of Las Vegas or Disney, like reading the Cliff Notes of a Hemingway novel; you get the idea but miss the point! Life is short, but how long live is up to you…
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4 Responses to Into Mexican with the best intentions and schedules…

  1. Anne says:

    FUN! FUN! FUN!
    If everything went on schedule you wouldn’t have as many interesting things to write about.
    I can sympathize with Jake about the ferry ride.
    Can’t wait for the next installment.

  2. says:

    Life is an adventure when you live with Smillie !! Love reading about them !

  3. Maggie says:

    Did you punch jake when you bought the sugarcane drinks at the Bug?

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