You can look, but you can’t experience – Chichen Itza

Later that afternoon we checked into our hotel, the Mayaland  (the Lodge at Chichen Itza) – A really nice spot with it’s own entrance into the Temples. After a swim in the pool and a nap we set off to check out our third, final and largest of all the sites – CHICHEN INZA.  We had a small issue getting into the park – another story we will leave out of the blog (apparently the guy collecting the tickets did not like Americans after one of his relatives was not granted entry into the US or me questioning the need to pay twice for the tickets).

Remember my comment about the only way to see any of the ruins in Mexico is either very early in the morning or very late in the day?  I thougt we had it all planed out, but 3:00 in the is afternoon is apparently not early or late.  It was still very very very hot.  We did manage to miss most of the busloads of tourists – with Chichen Itza being one of the most
visited archaeological sites in Mexico with about 1.2 million tourists per year, we were happy to see them go before we showed up.  Even with the sun it was very impressive, but no Angkor Wat (Cambodia).  You can no longer climb to the top of the pyramid – Just another example of the world becoming more like the USA, you can look, but you can’t experience (travel now or see the world in a museum later, or at Walt Disney)

Jake and I made our way around the site trying to stay in the shade and wishing we could climb on or in everything.  Very different prospective when you are standing be hind a rope with a group of people looking at something vs. being on top of it an only sharing it with a rising or setting sun.

 After a few hours of exploring, eavesdropping on other tours, dealing with vendors trying to sell us anything under the sun including a few selling very cool looking skulls around the Wall of Skulls (called Tzompantli, which is actually an Aztec name for this kind of structure, because the first one seen by the horrified Spanish – Jake though if we got one maybe we could do the same with his mother). You know we had to try and get one.   Eventually we made our way back to the hotel for dinner and a swim.

At 7:30 we were full and off again.  We made our way back to the park for the light show.  Expecting a high-tech production, we were a little disappointed with the 1970 sound system and flashing lights.  They really need to upgrade the whole production.  With such a great backdrop they could do so much more. Maybe a project for the KP TV Production class – Field trip anyone?

 Now decision time: Do we head to bed or do we stay after everyone goes and attempt to climb El Castillo (the pyramid) in the dark…

About JSH

There are more than 195 countries in the world by my count and I want to see them all before they all start to look the same – The United Nations has 192 members, but they do not recognized two independent countries, the Vatican City and Kosovo. U.S. Department of State recognizes 194 independent countries around the world, but their list has a political agenda and is missing Taiwan. All of this is without getting into the dozens of territories and colonies that are sometimes called “countries” such as Puerto Rico, Bermuda, Greenland, Palestine, Western Sahara, and even the components of the United Kingdom (such as Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and England) and without counting states and provinces like Texas and Montréal that think they are independent countries. No madder how you count or tag them they are changing, starting to look the same and losing a little bit of themself every day. I do not want to see the world through the eyes of Las Vegas or Disney, like reading the Cliff Notes of a Hemingway novel; you get the idea but miss the point! Life is short, but how long live is up to you…
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1 Response to You can look, but you can’t experience – Chichen Itza

  1. Anne says:

    Love reading your blog and seeing the pictures. We were lucky enough to be able to climb to the top….but you know me and heights…it was worse for me coming down.

    Sounds like a really fun father/son trip.

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