Mekong giant catfish

I was up early had a nice breakfast at the hotel then waited for over an hour for a taxi (once again my luck with transportation is continuing) before heading off to see Dominick and our fishing excursion.  We had a bungalow on the water with a fan, a guy P1040508 to bait the hook and even cast pool for us.  All we had to do was try to real in the largest cat-fish I have ever seen. We missed a few, but were able to pulled in several each that were round of 50lbs – Not a simple task.  In fact it almost killed me!  Who would have thought Bangkok would be home to cat-fish of this size?

Corinne and Chris when you come and visit in February skip the shopping and make sure he takes you guys to this place.  I had a great day, the fish were biting and the weather was perfect!


I left the fishing spot smelling like a fish, sore but with a few good pictures and a great memory!   Thanks for a great day Dominick!

Next up was Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand via Air Asia.   Dominick assured me no one would notice that I smell like an oversize cat-fish on the flight.

Another highlight was riding on the back of Dominick’s motorcycle that is until we had a flat tire.  I guess it was not made to hold me and was only designed for a family of 5 locals.  Chris and Corinne you guys should not have any problems!  Just another issue with we and transportation in Thailand.



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There are more than 195 countries in the world by my count and I want to see them all before they all start to look the same – The United Nations has 192 members, but they do not recognized two independent countries, the Vatican City and Kosovo. U.S. Department of State recognizes 194 independent countries around the world, but their list has a political agenda and is missing Taiwan. All of this is without getting into the dozens of territories and colonies that are sometimes called “countries” such as Puerto Rico, Bermuda, Greenland, Palestine, Western Sahara, and even the components of the United Kingdom (such as Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and England) and without counting states and provinces like Texas and Montréal that think they are independent countries. No madder how you count or tag them they are changing, starting to look the same and losing a little bit of themself every day. I do not want to see the world through the eyes of Las Vegas or Disney, like reading the Cliff Notes of a Hemingway novel; you get the idea but miss the point! Life is short, but how long live is up to you…
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  1. Anne Russell says:

    Wow! now that is a FISH

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