It’s Friday night, it’s South Beach and it’s Art Basel Miami

the-christmas-in-lincoln-road-south-beachSouth Beach on any given weekend is a little over the top, but this weekend we find ourselves in the middle of Art Basel Miami week and it is Christmas time. The palm trees are decorated like Christmas trees, and wild art is ubiquitous!

Being the art connoisseur that I am, we set off to admire the “Art of the Mojito”.  We admired the many different ways the Artist (AKA bartenders)  use the tools of their craft, white rum, sugar,  lime juice, sparkling water, and mint to a state of perfection.  Each artist has his own way of making his art come to life from the traditionalist using sugar cane juice to the more modern infusing raspberries and mangos.

Side note: At some point in the night we were sitting outside on Lincoln Road cooking fois gras on a steaming hot rock.

I never really thought of myself as a patron of the arts, but when I saw the number of Mojitos on my credit card bill this morning, I was one hell of a patron last night!

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There are more than 195 countries in the world by my count and I want to see them all before they all start to look the same – The United Nations has 192 members, but they do not recognized two independent countries, the Vatican City and Kosovo. U.S. Department of State recognizes 194 independent countries around the world, but their list has a political agenda and is missing Taiwan. All of this is without getting into the dozens of territories and colonies that are sometimes called “countries” such as Puerto Rico, Bermuda, Greenland, Palestine, Western Sahara, and even the components of the United Kingdom (such as Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and England) and without counting states and provinces like Texas and Montréal that think they are independent countries. No madder how you count or tag them they are changing, starting to look the same and losing a little bit of themself every day. I do not want to see the world through the eyes of Las Vegas or Disney, like reading the Cliff Notes of a Hemingway novel; you get the idea but miss the point! Life is short, but how long live is up to you…
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1 Response to It’s Friday night, it’s South Beach and it’s Art Basel Miami

  1. Anne Russell says:

    Sounds like you are, as usual, having a good time!
    We have been on Lincoln Street. South Beach sounds lovely all decorated for Christmas.
    Hope weather is beautiful for your long weekend.

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